Sunday, August 14, 2011

Another year younger! ;)

So here we go, I TURN 20 TODAYYYY! EVERYBODY LISTENNNN TO MOIIIIIII IM TURNING TWENTYYYYYYY! :D To make thing short, I feel so old and so young today! Old because no more -teen for me and young because I BARU TWENTEEN OKAYYY NOT 21, 22, 23 AND BLABLABLABLA ;p

I've received sooo many facebook, twitter, calls, smses birthday messages that I decided to just give everyone a big thank you on here. So, thank youuu lovelies! It's been an emotional week fr me I guess, and having another birthday just added to it. phew! :'(

I know I know Im kind of emotional today which supposed-TO-BE-NOT lah kan since today is my DAY and semorang were like "Hey bday girl jangan la nak sedih sangattttt! Chill!." Tapi yeah, I sedeyyyyy lah wey that person yang I harap sangat jadi orang 1st wish my bday or else do something special fr me-day turns out do nothing! Okay my baddddd I yang letak hope tu tinggi melangit so now padan muka lah! boooo me boooooo. hmm :(

But then nevermind lah, it really made my day a lot brighter to see kind words, heartfelt comments, phone calls and birthday wishes from old friends and colleagues that in some cases din wait until 12:01AM on August 14 to start sending good vibes my way! :) Terharu gila okayyyy :') See, rupanya ramai lagi sayang yang I. *HUGS*

I think that's all. I just wanted to post a quick note thanking everyone je actually not that longggg and boringgg babbling. heh~ Thanks again for taking the time out of your busy schedules and web surfing to brighten up my birthday. You guys are soooooo sweet! :')

And again, thanks mate for making me feel like a princess on my birthday! Frankly speaking, the feeling is wonderful! :')

Much love. XOXO

p/s: Kalau nak bagi hadiah, you are most welcome then! hewhehwhewhehwe


jaya jr said...

selamat ulang tahun kelahiran pada 15 Ramadhan :)

anys-ann. said...

thanksss babe!