Friday, January 13, 2012


Hey everyone. Well, I know it is kinda late to wish ya Happy New Year since its already January 13th. But... Happy New Year anyways. I dont have time to post anything here due to my busy-ness. hee hee hee As I wrote this, Im still struggling getting back into studying fr my last paper (Revelation as Source of Knowledge) which is tomorrow and pack my stuff up to balik kampung fr semester break which also tomorrow. phew!

2011 was honestly the worst year for me. I know people say that all the time, but I really mean it. Out of every year I've been alive, 2011 has been the least nice. :( It is not like I have regrets or whatever, but yknow...

Many things happened in 2011. I know I shall not be regret since semua tu ways of learning kan? But... the worst part I remember is when my ex (the one whom I think is my first real love) left me heart broken and it took me so long to get up and move on. Im still pretty damaged from it, but Im getting better tho. Its like that song "the first cut is the deepest". Thanks to everyone who always be by my side during my tough days. I do experienced heart broken before, but puppy love yknow? it doesnt matter to me. heh. And yes, this one is horrible, really! It was like one of the most traumatic thing I've gone through. Sampai satu tahap kadang kadang macam terfikir, "Apehal semua orang penipu niiii?! Dah, Im so done with all these bullsh*t."

But then again, life goes on rite? It is better to look ahead and prepare for the next than to look back and regret. :) hmm.. things have just been extremely tough. I hope 2012 brings me happiness and smiles that will make up this past year. InsyaAllah Aminnn..

As I am getting older hahaha 21 is not that old I know, this is something I need you dear future husband to know,

Dear soon-to-be-Imam-for-our-family, eventho I dont know who you'll be yet, I think of you EVERYDAY. InsyaAllah, I'll try my best to be ur Khadijah and I hope, U'll be my Muhammad. :')

till then.

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